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For those of you that don't already know me, I'm Nicki. Nicole Elizabeth McCabe to be precise. I am the proud owner of the LOUtique and more importantly, a mama to my 3 awesome babes; Harper, Hattie and Knox, and my 12 year old yellow lab, Cash. (Edit* Rest in Peace, my sweet boy- 8.30.21) It goes without saying that I live a chaotic life, but I thrive on it. My brain and body are constantly in motion. I can't sit still and I'm annoyingly obsessive compulsive. If ya know, ya know. (Sorry, not sorry) :)

Oh what next... I LOVE laughing. I laugh (loud) and hard, but love even harder. I'm a lover of all things. My faves being Pinot Grigio, dining out, traveling, playing games, watching Dateline, karaoke nerd, hanging with my husband and besties, talking to strangers and watching my tiny humans grow up. (Cue the tears)

Once upon a time, I spent 7 long years working to earn my bachelors degree. I finally found my passion, Fashion. Yep. It was right there in front of me the entire time, but Motherhood. Priorities, ya know?

Work... I have always fit into any work environment and made so many great work friends. HOWEVER, I have always longed to work for myself. I think everyone that "marches to the beat of their own drum" strives to be their own boss.

How can I possibly achieve working solo whilst being a stay at home mom? Hmmm.


Fast forward a few years. A LOT of unexpected Iife changes occurred. Oh, and let's throw in a global pandemic. In true Nicki fashion, that was when I had my ah-ha moment. (insert-the LOUtique)

Fear of failing? Nah. Hope for growing into something unimaginable? Hell yeah. Becoming rich? I mean, who wouldn't want to be? But, honestly no. I crave more fulfillment and independence for ME.

So, here I am. Living my dream. Thank you for being along for the ride and my life journey. I am blessed and so damn happy to be sharing it with all of you!

This isn't just the beginning, it's the calm before the storm.


aka "Lou" (thanks for the lifelong nickname, Dad!) 




Photography by Katlyn Wentzel and Beth Smith, Forever Photos